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Fill in the blanks with the correct words below!
       Two days ago, Mr Karto had a bad ...... (1). He woke up........(2). Hurriedly, he placed his foot one by one on the floor and .........(3) to the kitchen. He washed his face with fresh water. Then he .......(4) a glass of coffee. He walked to the livingroom and tried to.........(5) his remote control. He watched some progran on TV for a while. Then he ........(6)...the TV off. When he was walking to his bedroom, he heard..(7).......sound outside.....(8).....he went to the window and tried to see the situation outside. He (9)........ nothing. Gently he opened the door and walked out of the house. He looked around but there was nothing outside. .......(10) a strangewhite shadow came up from the big tree. He was very..........(11)and ran as fast as possible into the house. He went to bed and covered his body with a ......(12). He had just seen a ......... (13).
           a. turned            d. strange          g. made           j. suddenly            m. ghost
           b. sweatingh       e.  went            h. saw              k. afraid
           c. dream             f. slowly           i. fine                l. blanket

1. When did the story happen?
2. What did he do in the livingroom?
3. When did he hear the strange sound?
4. What made him afraid?
5. What did he do in the bed at last?

a. The car didn't stop after the accident. It even ran faster and disappeared. The traffic was not so busy. No      
    one came to help him. He was badly injured. I was so scared at that time.
b. Then I called the police and tried to help the victim. Not long after that the police came. After that I went
    home because it was already dark. It was really tragic.
c. The police asked me several questions. I told the police what happened.
d. When I was walking home from school yesterday, I saw an accident. A car hit a motorcycle from behind.
    The driver couldn't control his car because he drove fast.

Read the text above once again then write wether these stataments are true (T) or false (F)!
1. The car stop after the accident.
2. The victim was seriously hurt.
3. Some people help the motorcyclist.
4. The car driver was irresponsible person.
5. The writer was very afraid to see the accident.
6.The writer didn't help the victim becaus he was scared.
7. The police came before the accident happened.
8. The writer became a witness.
9. The police brought the writer to the police station.
10. The police came because of the writer's call.

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